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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertiser FAQ

What is the Min CPC?

There is technically no "Min CPC" in our platform, since we are aware that all types of traffic has a different value associated with it depending on many factors including: users country, device, browser, etc.. We typically recommend starting all new campaigns with at least a .050 minimum bid to get their creatives in the system and some historical data associated with those headlines.

How come my New ads aren't getting any traffic?

If your new ads are not getting any traffic, try increasing your CPC on your campaign. If you are still not receiving any traffic and your min bid is over .050, please contact your account rep, or customer support to look into your account.

How can I fund my account?

We currently accept Paypal or Wire transfers if you are interested in funding your advertising account. We hope to integrate more payment options in the future.

Can I pick specific sites I want to run my content on?

We don't allow you to pick certain sites to run your content on. However, we do give you the ability to negative sites that you don't want your brand's content running on. This will allow you to control where your content and traffic is coming from.

Publisher FAQ

What Ad Units Do you Offer?

We currently only offer our Standard Ad Unit that is very flexible and customizable. We have plans to launch many more ad units in the future. Whenever we release new ad units, we will send an email to all publishers informing them of the new releases.

What Size is your Widgets?

Our widget is very flexible and can be any size. Once you login to your publisher account and create your first widget, you will see the flexibility and customizable features we offer that allow you to make the widget fit perfectly inside your site, no matter what the look and feel is.

What is your RevShare?

All new Publishers start at our introductory tier of 70% Gross Revenue. If you become one of our premiere publishers you can get 80% revshare.

How can I get 80% Revshare?

To become a premiere publisher and quality for 80% revshare, you need to have earned over $10,000 in a full month. We evaluate all accounts on the 1st day of every month and adjust your revshare for that month if you qualify. If you earn less then $10,000 in any future months your revshare will return back to the base of 70% until you achieve over $10,000 in earnings for another month.

How often do you payout?

All new Publishers start out with monthly payouts. If you earn over $1,000/month and would like to be paid weekly, please contact us or your account rep, and we will get your account updated to be paid each and every week. If you are receiving weekly payouts, they will be paid out on Wednesday of each week, for the previous week's earnings.

What if I see Advertisers I don't like, can I block them?

Yes, you can block individual Advertiser at any time.

I have a question you didn't answer?

If you don't find the answer to a question you have, please contact us and we will be more then happy to answer your question.